Center for Applied Research on Well-Being and Human Behavior

We are building the largest scientific center in Brazil dedicated to research on well-being, with the aim of boosting knowledge in the area through multidisciplinary research.


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The Center for Applied Research in Human Well-Being and Behavior has as its main goal to promote research on psychological well-being, addressing aspects such as positive emotions, behavioral interventions, and the neural basis of social and affective processes. The studies are being developed within an interdisciplinary perspective, integrating psychology, neuroscience and health sciences, with intersections with human and applied social sciences.

The Center, the first in Brazil with this theme and objectives, was created in 2016 and has public-private funding, involving Natura, a private cosmetics company, and the Foundation for Research Support of São Paulo, FAPESP, a public agency for the promotion of research, articulating in collaborative networks researchers from universities of national and international prestige, such as USP, Unifesp and Mackenzie. The Center is directed by Prof. Dr. Emma Otta, from USP, and in the vice-director, Dr. Patricia Tobo, from Natura.